Match Results for the current year (as available)

This report is only valid after the first week of play in any given year.

Traveling League Current Year Details

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11/15/2017Open SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BUnknown ForfeitCody ParkerJEFFCO B
11/15/2017Open DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BUnknown Forfeit / Unknown ForfeitArmando Ibarra Jr. / Alex Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
11/15/2017A SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BUnknown ForfeitArmando Ibarra SrJEFFCO B
11/15/2017A DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BUnknown Forfeit / Unknown ForfeitJesus Ibarra Jr. / Armando Ibarra SrJEFFCO B
11/15/2017Contenders 1 DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BLewis Lambert / Mike LundyJesus Ibarra Sr. / Alex Ibarra Sr.JEFFCO B
11/15/2017Contenders 1 SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BTim BirchRafael IbarraCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BJarad BakerSergio MartinezCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSJEFFCO BJerry White / John WicklundGreg Oyler / Jarrett SpitznerCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/15/2017Open DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESPhil Hammond / Steve NieczkoskiLuis Perez Jr. / Armando Ibarra Jr.MINES
11/15/2017Open SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESStas HammondLuis Perez Jr.MINES
11/15/2017A DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESGeoff Dolan / Patrick DolanAndrew Bales / Aaron TherkildsenMINES
11/15/2017A SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESJason GregoryMike SpierMINES
11/15/2017Contenders 1 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESBill Saylor / Cole WatsonLupe Garza / DA INDEPENDENTS
11/15/2017Contenders 1 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESRoger WashburnTrevor BachmanDA INDEPENDENTS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESBrian WilsonAbraham SanchezDA INDEPENDENTS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESBrian Wilson / Dan KnollenbergGarrett Rose / Beau DriverDA INDEPENDENTS
11/15/2017Open DoublesDACFORT COLLINSTed Jamison / Mircea MoselyTravis Owen / Lloyd GarciaFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Open SinglesDACFORT COLLINSJoel BarberTravis OwenFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017A SinglesDACFORT COLLINSJon GutierrezLloyd GarciaFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017A DoublesDACFORT COLLINSStan Dunlavy / Ed TelgenhoffMatt Valdez / Phil HartmanFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Contenders 1 SinglesDACFORT COLLINSAnthony DelgadoBob WatsonFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Contenders 1 DoublesDACFORT COLLINSJason Coppollela / Johnny QualleyTerry Nett / Dave SampsonFORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 DoublesDACFORT COLLINSTyler Dorland / Jake Gunn / FORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Contenders 2 SinglesDACFORT COLLINSConor Farley FORT COLLINS
11/15/2017Open DoublesMONACOJEFFCO ALane Feingold / Jon RoderOliver Boyd / Colin WeinJEFFCO A
11/15/2017Open SinglesMONACOJEFFCO AEric HummelOliver BoydJEFFCO A
11/15/2017A DoublesMONACOJEFFCO AJack Feingold / Erin HickmanFred Sycuro / Gene SchneiderMONACO
11/15/2017A SinglesMONACOJEFFCO ATim BrownColin WeinJEFFCO A
11/15/2017Contenders 1 DoublesMONACOJEFFCO AHoward Feingold / Stephen WilsonKevin Wein / Juan SerratoJEFFCO A
11/15/2017Contenders 1 SinglesMONACOJEFFCO ADavid CargillJuan SerratoMONACO
11/15/2017Contenders 2 SinglesMONACOJEFFCO AJohn DarabarisTommy RayeJEFFCO A
11/15/2017Contenders 2 DoublesMONACOJEFFCO AStephen Wilson / Ron BronnerTom Chambers / James HaleMONACO

Traveling League Summary

In 2017 the League captains voted to discontinue the penalty assessed to teams for having a single player play and win 2 matches on the same night, so the results for all years other than 2016 are now just a summary of the total wins for each team.
Results For Year:  

Traveling League TeamWins
Fort Collins 46
Da Independents 41
Jeffco B35
Jeffco A 33
DA(c) Sherwins Nomads 32
Monaco 31
Colorado Springs 23
DAC 22

Traveling League Team Captains

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