Match Results for the current year (as available)

This report is only valid after the first week of play in any given year.

Traveling League Current Year Details

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Run Report 

11/17/2021Open DoublesDACCS FC COMBO Joel Barber / Ted Jamison / DAC
11/17/2021Open SinglesDACCS FC COMBO Jake PlummerAaron TherkildsenCS FC COMBO
11/17/2021A SinglesDACCS FC COMBO Stan DunlavyBrent CottrellDAC
11/17/2021A DoublesDACCS FC COMBO Stan Dunlavy / Ted JamisonBrent Cottrell / Tim BirchDAC
11/17/2021Contenders 1 DoublesDACCS FC COMBO Christi Valicenti / Anthony DelgadoNiall Byrne / DAC
11/17/2021Contenders 1 SinglesDACCS FC COMBO Leah KirkClint StrachanCS FC COMBO
11/17/2021Contenders 2 DoublesDACCS FC COMBO Johnny Qualley / Ed TelgenhoffJosh Birch / Jerry WhiteDAC
11/17/2021Contenders 2 SinglesDACCS FC COMBO Jake GunnJosh BirchCS FC COMBO
11/17/2021Open SinglesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSAlex Ibarra Jr.Riley KlossJEFFCO B
11/17/2021Open DoublesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSAlex Ibarra Jr. / Abraham SanchezRiley Kloss / Jason GregoryJEFFCO B
11/17/2021A SinglesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSArmando Ibarra SrAbraham SanchezDA INDEPENDENTS
11/17/2021A DoublesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTS / /  
11/17/2021Contenders 1 DoublesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSAlex Ibarra Sr. / Rafael IbarraCody Gardner / Agustin PerezDA INDEPENDENTS
11/17/2021Contenders 1 SinglesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSRafael IbarraAgustin PerezDA INDEPENDENTS
11/17/2021Contenders 2 SinglesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSJarrett SpitznerJuice AndradeDA INDEPENDENTS
11/17/2021Contenders 2 DoublesJEFFCO BDA INDEPENDENTSJesus Ibarra Sr. / Guy HumphriesJuice Andrade / Martin EscalanteDA INDEPENDENTS
11/17/2021Open DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSLuis Perez Jr. / Eric HummelJon Gutierrez / Shanon ForseterSHERWINS NOMADS
11/17/2021A DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSJon Roder / Jeff MacklbergSam Smith / Mike SpierLIFETIME FITNESS
11/17/2021Contenders 1 DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSTim Brown / Erin HickmanDave Mosely / Bob BrownLIFETIME FITNESS
11/17/2021Contenders 1 SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSStephen WilsonBob BrownSHERWINS NOMADS
11/17/2021Contenders 2 DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSMarty Mercer / Ron BronnerEliseo Gutierrez / John RossiSHERWINS NOMADS
11/17/2021Contenders 2 SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS SHERWINS NOMADSJohn DarabarisDavid LippmanSHERWINS NOMADS
11/17/2021Open SinglesMINESJEFFCO AAaron TherkildsenColin WeinMINES
11/17/2021Open DoublesMINESJEFFCO AAaron Therkildsen / Eric HummelOliver Boyd / Colin WeinMINES
11/17/2021A DoublesMINESJEFFCO AErik Craig / Matthew CraigJuan Serrato / Kyle LuenbergerMINES
11/17/2021A SinglesMINESJEFFCO AMatthew CraigSteven MeyerMINES
11/17/2021Contenders 1 SinglesMINESJEFFCO AJake SandersChristi ValicentiJEFFCO A
11/17/2021Contenders 1 DoublesMINESJEFFCO ALeah Kirk / Jake SandersMike Haller / Kevin WeinMINES
11/17/2021Contenders 2 DoublesMINESJEFFCO ABianca Verlangieri / Sandra RoseJames Hale / Stan LyonsJEFFCO A
11/17/2021Contenders 2 SinglesMINESJEFFCO ASandra RoseMike HallerJEFFCO A

Traveling League Summary

In 2017 the League captains voted to discontinue the penalty assessed to teams for having a single player play and win 2 matches on the same night, so the results for all years other than 2016 are now just a summary of the total wins for each team.
Results For Year:  

Traveling League TeamWins
Da Independents 39
Sherwins Nomads 31
CS FC Combo 29
Jeffco B27
Lifetime Fitness 27
Jeffco A 17

Traveling League Team Captains

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