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This report is only valid after the first week of play in any given year.

Traveling League Current Year Details

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09/19/2018Open SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES   
09/19/2018Open DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES / /  
09/19/2018A DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES / /  
09/19/2018Contenders 1 SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES   
09/19/2018Contenders 1 DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES / /  
09/19/2018Contenders 2 SinglesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES   
09/19/2018Contenders 2 DoublesCOLORADO SPRINGSMINES / /  
09/19/2018Open SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BStas HammondAlex Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
09/19/2018Open DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BBrad Mrosla / Phil HammondAlex Ibarra Jr. / Armando Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
09/19/2018A DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BPatrick Dolan / Jason GregoryArmando Ibarra Sr / Jesus Ibarra Jr.DA INDEPENDENTS
09/19/2018A SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BJorge Sanchez-RomeroArmando Ibarra SrJEFFCO B
09/19/2018Contenders 1 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BRoger WashburnAlex Ibarra Sr.DA INDEPENDENTS
09/19/2018Contenders 1 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BBill Saylor / Geoff DolanRafael Ibarra / Jarrett SpitznerJEFFCO B
09/19/2018Contenders 2 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BCody GardnerSergio MartinezDA INDEPENDENTS
09/19/2018Contenders 2 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSJEFFCO BCody Gardner / Abraham SanchezGreg Oyler / Guy HumphriesDA INDEPENDENTS
09/19/2018Open DoublesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSKyle Jones / Bear MeiringPhil Hartman / Bob PaulsenDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADS
09/19/2018A DoublesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSMike Hardy / Jonathan JohnsonTerry Nett / Clint StrachanDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADS
09/19/2018Contenders 1 DoublesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSBruce Haynes / Steve BauerBob Watson / Dave SampsonDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADS
09/19/2018Contenders 1 SinglesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSDave MoselyChad MidkiffFORT COLLINS
09/19/2018Contenders 2 DoublesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSDonna Mosely / John RossiJeff Gliner / David DilleyDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADS
09/19/2018Contenders 2 SinglesDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADSFORT COLLINSDavid LippmanMark ChaseDA(C) SHERWINS NOMADS
09/19/2018Open SinglesJEFFCO ADACOliver BoydJoel BarberJEFFCO A
09/19/2018Open DoublesJEFFCO ADACOliver Boyd / Colin WeinJoel Barber / Ted JamisonDAC
09/19/2018A DoublesJEFFCO ADACSteve Blinn / Fred SycuroStan Dunlavy / Sam SmithDAC
09/19/2018A SinglesJEFFCO ADACJuan SerratoJon GutierrezDAC
09/19/2018Contenders 1 DoublesJEFFCO ADACDave Smith / Gene SchneiderJason Coppollela / Johnny QualleyJEFFCO A
09/19/2018Contenders 1 SinglesJEFFCO ADACKyle LeuenbergerSam SmithDAC
09/19/2018Contenders 2 DoublesJEFFCO ADACRon Bronner / James HaleJake Gunn / Aimee FaddenDAC
09/19/2018Contenders 2 SinglesJEFFCO ADACTommy RayeAimee FaddenJEFFCO A

Traveling League Summary

In 2017 the League captains voted to discontinue the penalty assessed to teams for having a single player play and win 2 matches on the same night, so the results for all years other than 2016 are now just a summary of the total wins for each team.
Results For Year:  

Traveling League TeamWins
DA(c) Sherwins Nomads 6
Da Independents 4
Jeffco B4
Jeffco A 3
Fort Collins 2

Traveling League Team Captains

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