Match Results for the current year (as available)

This report is only valid after the first week of play in any given year.

Traveling League Current Year Details

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11/14/2018Open SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESCJ LaffeyLuis PerezMINES
11/14/2018Open DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESCJ Laffey / Stas HammondLuis Perez / Aaron TherkildsenMINES
11/14/2018A SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESJason GregoryAndrew BalesDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018A DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESJason Gregory / Jorge Sanchez-RomeroAndrew Bales / Garrett RoseDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018Contenders 1 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESCody Gardner / Geoff DolanBrennan Smith / Erik CraigDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018Contenders 1 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESRoger WashburnMatt MorgensternDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 DoublesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESJeff Gregory / Martin EscalanteJoshua Smith / Sarah CraigDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 SinglesDA INDEPENDENTSMINESDewey MroslaDick MarshDA INDEPENDENTS
11/14/2018Open SinglesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSJon GutierrezKevin HernandezDAC
11/14/2018Open DoublesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSJon Gutierrez / Ted JamisonKevin Hernandez / Brent CottrellDAC
11/14/2018A DoublesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSBob Brown / Stan DunlavyJacob Leeson / Brent CottrellCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/14/2018Contenders 1 DoublesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSJohnny Qualley / Anthony DelgadoBlank 2 Blank / Jarad BakerDAC
11/14/2018Contenders 1 SinglesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSJason CoppollelaTim BirchCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 DoublesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSJake Gunn / Christi ValicentiMike Heck / Matt DettmanCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 SinglesDACCOLORADO SPRINGSAimee FaddenNiall ByrneCOLORADO SPRINGS
11/14/2018Open SinglesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BPhil HartmanArmando Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
11/14/2018Open DoublesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BPhil Hartman / Bob PaulsenAlex Ibarra Jr. / Armando Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
11/14/2018A SinglesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BMatt ValdezArmando Ibarra SrFORT COLLINS
11/14/2018A DoublesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BGiles Haycock / Bob WatsonArmando Ibarra Sr / Jesus Ibarra Jr.FORT COLLINS
11/14/2018Contenders 1 DoublesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BTerry Nett / Clint StrachanAlex Ibarra Sr. / Jarrett SpitznerFORT COLLINS
11/14/2018Contenders 1 SinglesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BPreston PavichJesus Ibarra Jr.JEFFCO B
11/14/2018Contenders 2 SinglesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BChad MidkiffAlex Ibarra Sr.JEFFCO B
11/14/2018Contenders 2 DoublesFORT COLLINSJEFFCO BJudson Brown / Skip BanksJesus Ibarra Sr. / Sergio MartinezFORT COLLINS
11/14/2018Open SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO ALane FeingoldOliver BoydLIFETIME FITNESS
11/14/2018Open DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO ALane Feingold / Eric HummelOliver Boyd / Fred SycuroLIFETIME FITNESS
11/14/2018A DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO ATim Brown / Erin HickmanFred Sycuro / Kevin DowlingLIFETIME FITNESS
11/14/2018A SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO AJon RoderColin WeinJEFFCO A
11/14/2018Contenders 1 SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO AStephen WilsonKyle LuenbergerJEFFCO A
11/14/2018Contenders 1 DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO AMarty Mercer / Stephen WilsonGene Schneider / LIFETIME FITNESS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 SinglesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO AHoward Feingold LIFETIME FITNESS
11/14/2018Contenders 2 DoublesLIFETIME FITNESS JEFFCO ATom Pontarelli / Ron BronnerKyle Luenberger / Kevin WeinJEFFCO A

Traveling League Summary

In 2017 the League captains voted to discontinue the penalty assessed to teams for having a single player play and win 2 matches on the same night, so the results for all years other than 2016 are now just a summary of the total wins for each team.
Results For Year:  

Traveling League TeamWins
DA(c) Sherwins Nomads 39
Da Independents 36
Fort Collins 36
Colorado Springs 35
Jeffco B32
DAC 31
Lifetime Fitness 31
Jeffco A 23

Traveling League Team Captains

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