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National Masters Singles at DAC May 4-7

The tourney is less than a month away ! (full details here, register here)

That's right - the USHA National Masters Singles tournament is coming to the DAC this year.  Starting on May 4 and running through the 7th - this promises to be an event you will hate yourself for missing - so just don't miss it!

  • There will be 4 top ranked pros playing in a pro-am event
  • Festive banquet on Friday evening
  • There will be multiple skills clinics for players of all ages

Let's show how great Colorado handball is and have a *massive turnout* of Colorado players

 read more ... - (published here on Saturday, April 8, 2017)

Newsletters in Spanish
You can view any of our newsletters in the language of your choice.  Click here for Spanish newsletters  - (published here on Tuesday, March 14, 2017)

FaceBook Group for Colorado Handball
Visit the Colorado Handball FaceBook group where many of our members post photos and discuss issues related to playing in events and the clubs they belong to.    read more ... - (published here on Wednesday, March 1, 2017)

2016 Colorado State 3-Wall Championships

Write-up of the event and results sent in by Bear Meiring is now available from the results page ...

 read more ... - (published here on Monday, September 5, 2016)

2016 Junior 3-Wall Nationals



Two of our junior players, Josh Rivera and Jon Gutierrez traveled to Venice Beach to play in the 2016 USHA Juniors 3-Wall Nationals.


Josh played in the 15 and under singles and advanced to the semis where he finished in 4th place.  This is Josh's first nationals.  We hope he's got "the handball bug" and will continue to advance both locally and nationally.


Jon played in the 17 and under singles and finished as a semi-finalist.  He played in the 19 and under doubles with partner, Carlos Espinoza from Tucson.  They teamed well and finished 2nd losing 21-18, 21-14.


Congratulations to both these young men.  They did Colorado proud!


Bob Hickman, Director

Costigan Youth Handball

  - (published here on Saturday, July 23, 2016)

Web site being rebuilt

The web site has been experiencing major issues over the last 6 or 8 months, and the decision has been made to completely rebuild the site.  Rebuilding the entire web site will take some time.  Currently the Events calendar page is up to date, and News page will continue to reflect the most current news.  Other features like the rule book, tutorials, hall of fame pages, Arne's photos, etc. will be rebuilt as time permits.

If you have a favorite feature you want to see sooner, please send an email to - the features with the most demand will be worked on first.  Thanks in advance for your patience and support.

  - (published here on Wednesday, June 1, 2016)

2015 Colligate Nationals

Gene Schneider and the Colorado School of Mines made the trip to Nationals this year. Click here to read the story.

  - (published here on Friday, February 27, 2015)

NEW User Maintained Pages
We now have 2 user maintained pages - where registered users can add and update information directly.  The pages are the User Maintained 3-Wall Schedule and the User Maintained Shuttle Schedule. Promote your shuttle,or your 3-wall events and help players who are new to the game, or visitors from out of town, or recent transplants who are not familiar with the area.  If you have any questions or concerns about the content in these pages or being able to edit the entries, please use the Send Email page to contact us - we monitor the email 24x7 and promise to respond quickly!  - (published here on Saturday, June 29, 2013)

Submit your handball news items
Consider this your chance to get your handball related event, tourney results, or news items published on the most popular handball web site in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Just send an email with your photos, comments, news, or event details to - we will make room available for all submissions made in good faith - it is entirely free, you don't have to pay a cent.

Also note that if you are a dues paying member in the CHA (which automatically includes *everyone* who played in the 2012 fall traveling league) - you can submit a sky-scraper formatted ad and it will be rotated in to page views on our home page at no additional cost to you.  Several members take advantage of this - you can see their ads along the right side by scrolling down the page.  Sky-scraper format is 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels high - enough to grab serious attention from our site visitors.  And it is a proven fact that handball players prefer to do business with other handball players before any unknown business entity, so it pays to get your business recognized.  Just send your ad content to the same email noted above.  - (published here on Sunday, April 14, 2013)

IMPORTANT - please see the 3-wall rules of decorum
Bob Hickman has written an important set of rules for those who play 3 Wall at the Costigan 3 Wall Handball courts.  These rules must be followed to preserve our continued use of these courts.  - (published here on Thursday, May 10, 2012)

Did you know?
That you can sign up for an email reminder of upcoming tourney events, on a per-event basis?  We know that many of you wait until the last possible minute to enter a tourney - even when you know you want to enter.  You just don't want to enter early and then have to cancel because of a conflict that comes up at work, with your family, or an injury.  But don't miss the entry deadline just because it fell off your radar.  We will send you an email 8 days before the tourney event to remind you.  Sign up on the event calendar for the event you want to be reminded of.  - (published here on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Colorado School Of Mines - 2010 National Collegiates results

Local coach Gene Schneider reports on the latest achievements of the CSM handball team.  Read about their trip to Houston, as well as the results for all divisions.

  - (published here on Sunday, February 28, 2010)

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Many of our good members have told us that Twitter is a good way to send short updates to a group of interested people.  Okay, so maybe we're not completely sold on the idea, but we are willing to give it a try.  If you are interested in HandballNews items, you can follow our "tweets" which we promise to contain only items that apply to our handball community - no commercial ads will ever be accepted. 

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New photos from Stan Wolpoff
Stan was cleaning out a drawer and found some handball related photos you might enjoy.  Okay, it was a folder on his computer, but the thought is the same.   Enjoy!  - (published here on Saturday, February 13, 2010)

Now with Web Slices!

Your web site for handball in Colorado now supports Web Slices - a feature of IE 8.  If you have IE 8, look for the slices that can make your handball life on the web a little quicker, such as the Current News and  Users Online sections on this page, and the Event Calendar list on the Upcoming Events page.

  - (published here on Friday, May 1, 2009)

Arne's Photos
The official CHA Photographer, Arne Arnesen, has taken control and is now sharing some of his handball photo collection.  Recently updated: photos of 2008 Hall Of Fame State Doubles as well as 2007 and 2006 tournaments and events.    - (published here on Tuesday, March 18, 2008)

Did you know?

... you can view a clickable map of all the places where handball is played in Colorado?  You can use the map to zoom in on a location, and the green arrows point to the club locations.  Click on one of the arrows to see the club or location name, then you can find that club or location in the Clubs menu to get more details about the location.   To see the map, Click on the "Clubs" menu item, or use this link:

 read more ... - (published here on Wednesday, March 15, 2006)