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2019 Great Gorilla

There are no paper entry forms anymore.  Players must enter online at R2Sports:
That link can also be found on the USHA and WPH websites. 
The deadline to enter is Jan. 25th.  That is earlier than past years. 
We are thrilled to feature the top pros Killian Carroll, Sean Lenning, Daniel and Luis Cordova, and Emmet Peixoto; not to mention Colorado’s own Jonathan Iglesias, Tucson’s Abraham Montijo, and Ryan Pesch out of Minnesota.

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Wrap up from the USHA Portland Juniors

Six Colorado players participated
in the recent
Junior 4 Wall Championships
in Portland Dec 26-30 , 2018

This is the most players we've had at a National Juniors Event

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Results from around the region

Results for the 2018 Utah State Doubles Handball Tournament came to us from and we have them posted here in our Regional section.  We are happy to provide space on our site to make these available to our visitors.

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2018 Great Gorilla Results

Congrats to all the winners at the 2018 Great Gorilla tourney!  Dennis Madden submitted a very nice write-up with details of the players and rounds that led to final winners in each category.  

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Boletines en espaƱol (Newsletters in Spanish)

Puede ver cualquiera de nuestros boletines en el idioma de su elección. Haga clic aquí para ver los boletines en español 

(You can view any of our newsletters in the language of your choice.  Click here for Spanish newsletters)

  - (published here on Tuesday, March 14, 2017)

FaceBook Group for Colorado Handball
Visit the Colorado Handball FaceBook group where many of our members post photos and discuss issues related to playing in events and the clubs they belong to.    read more ... - (published here on Wednesday, March 1, 2017)

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