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2017 Bi-Athlon

August 19, 2017


1. Mike Kearney/Mark Hammond
2. Stash & Geoff Dolan 1st Place
3. Ron Bronner/Marty Mercer HB/Jon DeBoer golf
4. Jim Hale/Guy Humphries
5. George Blocker/Kevin Price
6. Cody Parker/ Armando Ibarra
7. Oliver Boyd/Bill Vobach
8. Jake Gunn/Sam Smith
9. Anthony Delgado/Ted Jamison
10. Tom Lyle/Jason Cappolella
11. Eric Hummel/Steve Wilson

On August 19th, 2017, we held our annual Colorado Handball Association Bi-Athlon on a sunny & hot August day (91o) In Englewood, CO. We had eleven teams participate this year. We are happy to report we saw several new young players joining us. The mix represented some of our best talent i.e. Armando Ibarra, Jr, & Kevin Price, recent National Masters singles winner in the 35-40 age group. There are other notables, but space does not allow us to cover them all.

The winners were Stas’ Hammond, who recently moved back to Colorado, & the “Golf Ringer”, Geoff Dolan, both from Boulder, CO.  

The Bi-Athlon is played as follows:

· 8:00-11:00AM 3 Wall handball at the Costigan 3 Wall courts using Rally scoring to 25 points. The players lunch on the courts, & head over to shower at the local Englewood Rec Center where the manager, Jeff Jones, allows a free pass.

· Next, we play 18 holes of golf at the Broken Tee Golf Course. It is a very full day, but a lot of fun for the players. We note a high percentage of repeaters over the years. We hold the number of teams to a max of 12 teams with a cost of just $70.00/person.

Let me thank Bear Meiring, CHA President, for allowing me to head up this tourney for the 13th year in a row. We thank Steve Bauer & Tom Lyle for all their assistance in making this tourney run smooth.

Ron Bronner
CHA Treasurer/Coach