Match Results for the current year (as available)

This report is only valid after the first week of play in any given year.

Traveling League Current Year Details

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11/16/2016Open SinglesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSLane FeingoldMark HammondDA' INDEPENDENTS
11/16/2016Open DoublesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSLane Feingold / Mike HallowellMike Kearney / Brett NickalCAC MONACO
11/16/2016A DoublesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSErin Hickman / Jeff MacklbergPatrick Dolan / Brad MroslaCAC MONACO
11/16/2016Contenders 1 DoublesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSMarty Mercer / Stephen WilsonLance Huegi / Martin EscalanteDA' INDEPENDENTS
11/16/2016Contenders 1 SinglesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSDave CargilJason GregoryDA' INDEPENDENTS
11/16/2016Contenders 2 SinglesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSStephen WilsonNick GavitDA' INDEPENDENTS
11/16/2016Contenders 2 DoublesCAC MONACODA' INDEPENDENTSRon Bronner / John DarabarisDan Knollenberg / Brian WilsonDA' INDEPENDENTS
11/16/2016Open DoublesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BStan Dunlavy / Tom LyleAlex Jr Ibarra / Cody ParkerNORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Open SinglesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BJoel BarberArmando Ibarra, Jr.NORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016A DoublesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BScott Clawson / Sam SmithJesus Ibarra Jr. / Jesus Ibarra, Sr.NORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Contenders 1 SinglesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BAnthony DelgadoAlex Ibarra, Sr.NORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Contenders 1 DoublesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BJason Coppollela / Jake GunnRafael Ibarra / Guy HumphriesNORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Contenders 2 SinglesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BPeter StoneJarrett SpitzerNORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Contenders 2 DoublesDENVER ATHLETIC CLUBNORTH JEFFCO BGrant Boeringa / Lawson ArmstrongGreg Oyler / Sergio MartinezNORTH JEFFCO B
11/16/2016Open SinglesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCAColin WeinJohn T HingeyPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016Open DoublesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCASteve Blinn / Kevin DowlingLuke Beyer / John T HingeyPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016A DoublesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCARick Brochu / Gene SchneiderLewis Lambert / Steve RothsteinPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016A SinglesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCASteve BauerLuke BeyerPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016Contenders 1 SinglesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCATom ChambersJessica GrayPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016Contenders 1 DoublesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCAFred Sycuro / Harvey SundelTim Birch / Mike LundyPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016Contenders 2 SinglesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCATommy RayeJarad BakerPIKES PEAK YMCA
11/16/2016Contenders 2 DoublesJEFFCO APIKES PEAK YMCAKyle Leuenberger / Kevin WeinMike Heck / Bill SchartonJEFFCO A
11/16/2016Open SinglesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSLuis PerezKyle JonesMINES
11/16/2016Open DoublesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSLuis Perez / Reggie VairMike Hardy / Sherwin BeckMINES
11/16/2016A DoublesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSAndrew Bales / Gene SchneiderMike Spier / Clark CreaseyDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADS
11/16/2016A SinglesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSMatthew CraigBob BrownDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADS
11/16/2016Contenders 1 DoublesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSTrevor Bachman / Will TreanorDave Mosely / Terry LittleDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADS
11/16/2016Contenders 1 SinglesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSOrion KostivalDavid LippmanDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADS
11/16/2016Contenders 2 DoublesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSAaron Therkildsen / Lupe GarzaDan Bickhard / Donna MoselyMINES
11/16/2016Contenders 2 SinglesMINESDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADSBianca VerlangieriBonnie LevittDA(C) SHERWIN'S NOMADS

After Penalty vs Pre-Penalty Traveling League Summary

Penalty calculation:

for each player that plays in 2 different matches on the same night and wins in both, the team is penalized 1 point. This penalty rule was agreed to in 2016, but this summary allows you to see the effect the penalty would have had for previous years even though it was not in effect for them.

Results For Year:  

Traveling League TeamAfter Penalty WinsPre-Penalty Wins
CAC Monaco4041
Da' Independents3940
North Jeffco B3941
Fort Collins Club3436
DA(c) Sherwin's Nomads3031
Pikes Peak YMCA3037
Jeffco A 1920
Denver Athletic Club 1414

Traveling League Team Captains

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